• Desserts

    To many of us, desserts, cakes and pastries are often the perks of a busy day, creating moments of happiness and pleasure. At the end of a good meal, or at times of calm, peace and tranquility within our homes.

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    Woops! manufactures and distributes desserts, sweets, cakes, croissants, cookies and unique pastries, to a high standard and high quality.

  • Our Products

    It's an even greater pleasure when it comes to high quality desserts, encompassed with rich flavors and the finest ingredients. Luxurious desserts that one would seldom encounter or perhaps even dream about, or see through glass windows.

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    The world's best baked specialties may seem dreamy and unattainable, but are now available, with maximum flavor and freshness. Imagine a rich indulgent world that combines the scents and flavors of the finest products, delivered to you, to supermarkets, hotels and markets.